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Mexico City is amazing. The history, food, and also the cooking class. I especially love visiting Mexico City because of the food on literally every corner. From what you can tell, I am a huge foodie and I have written about being a foodie several times. So being in Mexico makes me so happy because of the several foodie options.

I thought I knew a lot about tacos till I attended the Mexican Street Tacos Cooking class in Mexico City and actually made delicious tacos. The street tacos cooking experience was EPIC, and it made me love and appreciate tacos even more. Learning from a pro definitely makes a difference. The process of making tacos is something I don’t really think about.

This class made me appreciate the process and every little detail that goes into making the bite sized meal. The morning starts around 9am at Chef Graciela’s cooking space also known as Aura Cocina Mexicana. The cooking class is located in the Colombian neighborhood in Mexico City. The neighborhood itself is an experience because it offers a lot of history, a very lively market and delicious street food. It was very helpful that the chef was knowledgable about street food because I was able to get a tour of really delicious street food spots before the class started.

After arriving in the class, I was greeted with a warm smile by Chef Graciela and she took me on a street food and market tour in the neighborhood. After having tastes of several delicious bites on the street, we headed to the market and the first thing I noticed was the fact that we were the only tourists. This gave the market a very local and authentic feel that I really loved. Unlike the popular Coyoacan market in Mexico City which is a foodie heaven for tourists and locals alike, this market is more relaxed and it offers a lot of spices, fruits, small bites and sweet treats.

To be honest, I get really excited when I visit Mexican markets both in Mexico and in the US. I see them as a treasure cove because they always have something for everyone. In the market in Mexico, I stocked up on peppers which I took home to Chicago. I was not sure if I could find those types of peppers in the Mexican markets in Chicago and I did not want to take a chance.
Chef Graciela

After the market tour, we went back to the cooking schoool, where we started preparing the tacos. We made 3 different types of tacos and 3 Mexican Salsas. Each taco has it's own appeal and tasted unique in it's own way. Here are the 3 types of tacos which we prepared:

  • Tacos al Pastor (Pork)
  • Tacos de Barbacoa (Beef)
  • Tacos Campechanos (Beef and Pork)

It seems like alot of work but it actually went by really quickly because we had alot of fun in the process of cooking these delicious dishes. The Chef Graciela is also very knowledgable on cooking tacos and I learned so much from her in this class.

The preparations started with washing and blending all the ingredients required for the salsas. I was definitely looking forward to Salsas because I absolutely love them and what else is better than making salsas from scratch?

Chef Graciela described each procedure and its importance in the preparations. The peppers stood out to me mostly because they smell delicious raw and even more delicious after cooking. I also bought a couple of peppers to take home at the market so I was also really looking forward to tasting them in my taco.

When the salsas were done, the beef was prepped for boiling, and the diced chicken and sausages were grilled on a skillet. The grilling process is fun because the skillet is huge and Madonna’s “Like a prayer” was playing in the background. This made the class more interesting because we were singing and dancing for the duration of the class.

I was amazed at how quickly time went by in the class because I definitely had a fun class and Chef Graciela’s vibrant personality made the class go by faster.

The final step of the preparation was preparing the hand-made tortillas. The tortilla process requires patience and stable hands but the end result is worth it. I learned so much about Mexican Tacos from Chef Graciela’s class and I didn’t think I would have as much fun as I did while preparing them.

The class ended with the part I was looking forward to- EATING. I ate so many tacos, I could barely move. The tacos were also served with beer and Mezcal which I thought was a nice touch. Chef Graciela was also nice enough to pack some tacos for me to take home. I demolished them shortly after leaving the class (no surprise there). I was escorted to my Uber after the class by Chef Graciela, and we exchanged hugs. I will definitely miss her energy as it resonated and carried the class along.

I highly recommend Chef Graciela’s class in Mexico City and the experience is very memorable and worthwhile. It definitely added to the authentic experience in Mexico City and it was quite easy to get to the class. I usually suggest renting a car in a new city but I did not rent a car in Mexico City. It is a very busy city and getting around in an Uber is affordable and straightforward. I took an Uber to the cooking class and it was quite easy to find. The class is in a different area of Mexico City and getting there was worthwhile in the Uber because I saw parts of Mexico City which I did not get to see during my visit.

The cooking class can be booked online or by calling the cooking class in advance.

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