Guide to visiting Rome in 3 days


Though I spent 72 hours in Rome, the city’s highlights can be explored in 1 day. People who are backpacking through Europe or simply stopping over in Rome en route another city can still appreciate the wonders of Rome in a short period of time.

Rome is a beautiful and cultural city filled with beautiful architecture and delicious food (think pasta, lots of it!). The city is also very accessible via transit. I take a mix of Uber and transit when I travel. In Rome, I opted for the train. Not only was the train cheaper since Uber in Europe is not as cheap as Asia, it also gets the passenger to their destination with ease.

Since Rome has a superb metro system, a lot can be achieved in a 24 hour time frame with a metro pass and a pair of comfortable sneakers. A 24 hour metro pass can be purchased at the news stand inside the train station.The passes are affordable and will be valid for a period of 24 hours after activation. After buying the pass, a Roman adventure awaits.


Europe offers a very vast variety of cities and people visit for various purposes. Rome was a top destination for me because I wanted to see the Colosseum.

Every tourist who visits Rome should have the Colosseum in their itinerary. Like I said earlier, the main reason why I chose Rome was because of the Colosseum. The Colosseum is a magnificent piece of work. It is an amphitheater located in the center of Rome. It is the largest amphitheater every built with construction starting in AD 72, and ended in AD 80.

The gigantic Colosseum

Though the inside of the Colosseum is in ruins, I was mostly surprised by the fact that the whole structure still stands after all those years. The Colosseum in all its greatness was not used for great deeds in ancient Rome. The Colosseum was used for gladiatorial contests, mock sea battles, animal hunts and executions. It was also used for dramas based on classical mythology.

Inside the structure. Noticed the cross at the far right of the picture?

Street performers outside the Colosseum

 Arch of Constantine

The Arch of Constantine can be spotted from the Colosseum. This is why it made it to this list because you can literally walk from the Colosseum to the Arch. It is a triumphal arch situated between the Colosseum and Palatine hill. Though the structure is very similar to France’s Arch De Triomphe, the Arch of Constantine was erected to celebrate Constantine’s victory at the Battle of Milvian bridge. The arch de triomphe however, was erected as a remembrance for people who fought and died for France during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars.

This picture was taken from the Colosseum

 Palatine Hill

A visit to the Colosseum is incomplete without visiting Palatine Hill. The hill towers over the Roman Forum (below), and it has been said to be the former home to Roman emperors and temple sites. The ruin from the ancient palaces which constitute this historical monument are still visible. This was so cool to me because I appreciate when ancient aspects of history are preserved.

Palatine Hill

The Palatine Hill is peaceful because it is so green, and most people visit the area primarily for the Colosseum. As a result of this, there are less people at Palatine Hill. It is definitely an amazing ancient attraction that should not be missed.

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum used to be the center of ancient Rome’s public gatherings. Public speeches, elections, criminal trials and majority of assemblies that involved the public took place in the Forum. Thought the Forum is now a ruin, the space where people used to gather to sit for these events is still visible. The location of the Forum is also convenient because it is situated beneath the Palatine Hill. I would imagine that emperors who used to live at the Palatine Hill would want to appear at some public gatherings therefore, the location is convenient in that aspect.

Parts of the ruins that constitute the Roman Forum

Altare Della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland)

This beautiful monument was built to honor Victor Emmanuel. He was he first King of unified Italy. It is impossible not to notice this gigantic monument casually lining the streets of Rome, and only a few steps from the Colosseum. I had never even heard of this monument so imagine my surprise when I saw something so gigantic so close to the Colosseum.

I had to stop for pictures and the best part of it? It is free.

This monument is close to the Colosseum (google maps) .

Trevi Fountain

Wow, just wow!

This is all I can say about the Trevi fountain. Though I had plans of visiting the Trevi fountain, I discovered it by accident while exploring the city. I thought it would be more difficult to find so I was walking around Rome trying to window shop and look for a place to purchase a gelato and voila! I found the Trevi fountain. The beauty of the fountain is simply breathtaking. So many people were at the fountain and I can see why. The beauty of this fountain makes the popularity well deserved. Though everything around the Colosseum can be seen in 24 hours, Trevi fountain should not be missed. It is only a 19 minute walk from the Colosseum (google maps) which is well worth it for the beauty that awaits. The gigantic Trevi fountain was larger and more beautiful than what I imagined it would be.

The beautiful Trevi fountain

Ancient structures around Rome

Since Rome is an ancient city, there are several displays of art lining the streets of this beautiful city. They can be marveled at and are very picture worthy. I took several pictures of structures across the city including ancient buildings, statues, monuments, pillars and columns. Each structure is beautiful and unique in its own way, and each tells a different story.

The ancient beauty of Rome

Have you been to Rome or do you plan to visit Rome in the future?

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