Dubai Guide: A 3 day Adventure


Dubai is one of the most popular travel destinations in the Middle East. It is so popular that some people think it is a country. Dubai is a city in UAE. I think a visit to the Middle East region is not complete if a visit to Dubai is not included.

Dubai attracts several tourists from different parts of the world, and I can understand why. The city is modern and blessed with beautiful skyscrapers. It also has a marina which is lined with residents, malls, and a boat can be rented for a cruise. I spent four days in Dubai and here is a list of how I spent my days:

Day 1

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is beautiful. It is filled with several flowers, and it is a perfect spot for pictures. I recommend visiting it in the morning right after it opens because there are fewer crowds in the gardens.

The Dubai Miracle Garden is also a hot spot for pictures because the flowers are beautiful and it is extremely picturesque. As a blogger, I always want to get that Instagram worthy picture when I visit beautiful locations and sometimes it is now always possible because of the crowds. This is why I suggest going early to avoid the crowds or later in the evening. The best way to get there is by taking Uber because the location is a little off the beaten path from the city. The entry fee is 55 AED ($15) for adults and 40 AED ($11) for kids.

Global Village

The global village is a seasonal attraction which is usually open in the cooler months. The village is intruiguing because it has exhibits from different countries all over the world. Each exhibit showcases each country's crafts and food.

Global village opens at 4 pm. There are several stalls in the global village, and the design and food sold in those stalls mimic some countries in the world. I got a lobster roll (basic I know) but I absolutely love lobster rolls. It was also $8 which I thought was a steal considering the fact that a typical lobster roll cost around $28 in Chicago where I live.

India and Africa stalls (we will not discuss the fact that a whole continent only had one stall named “Africa”) stood out to me the most because of the beautiful and intricate design.

Fun fact- Dubai's population is made up of mainly expats. So I felt like the global village was a good was to showcase the city's diversity.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is probably among the biggest mall in the world. The mall houses the Dubai aquarium and several shops. I did not pay for the aquarium because there was a beautiful display of fish outside the aquarium which is free and was good enough for me. From seeing pictures online, the aquarium looks absolutely beautiful so it might be worth a visit it was just too expensive for me. The ticket cost between AED 75 - AED 299 ($20 - $80).

Burj Khalifa Lights at Night and Fountain Night show

This exhibit was definitely worth it and absolutey stunning! There is a light and water exhibit which occurs every 15-30 minutes outside the Dubai mall. It is very advisable to wait till its dark out so that you can enjoy the light show and fountain night show.

Day 2

Burj Khalifa Observatory

Views from the 125th floor

I visited the 124th and 125th floor of Burj Khalifa. Views of Dubai from the observatory are indeed breathtaking. The ticket cost about $30, and if you are interested in seeing more sights of Dubai, an upgrade to the 148th floor is available for $115 more. I did not get an upgrade to the 148th floor because the price was ridiculous.

Another way to see Dubai from the top is by Sky Diving. You get the views similar to Burj Khalifa but even better plus that adrenaline rush is unmatched. I did not sky dive in Dubai but I have experienced this before in Namibia. I wrote about it in my African tour articles on my page.

Hop on Hop off Tour

The best way to see the city in a short period is the hop on hop off bus. The bus offers the red route, blue route, and green route. I took the red route which also goes to the gold souk and Deira creek. A ticket for the Deira creek cruise is included in the 2-day hop on hop off ticket.

I suggest starting this tour in the morning in order to go through as many routes as possible.

Dubai Marina Cruise- Perfect way to end the evening.

I met up with my good friend Glory (@gloryosei) and her sister, Simi (@sinmiblaq) for this activity. We rented a boat for $190 for 1 hour 45 minutes, and we got food and drinks before boarding the boat. The boat took us on a cruise on Dubai Marina, and we saw the gorgeous sunset. It was such a blissful experience. The boat company’s name is Blue Lagoon Adventure and they can be found at the Dubai Marina Mall.

Day 3

Taste of Dubai

Taste of Dubai is a yearly festival which usually occurs in March each year.

My visit to Dubai ended at the taste of Dubai. I spent an evening enjoying great music and good (overpriced) food at Dubai’s amphitheater. It happened between March 8- March 10. I had such an amazing time, and the ticket cost 90 AED ~ $25.

I spent a short period of time in Dubai but it was worth it. Dubai has always been on my bucket list of places to visit and I am glad I got to go. There are more things to do in Dubai like visiting beaches, beach clubs and so on. Every moment was exciting and every place I visited made my trip.

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