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I was lucky enough to visit Barcelona on my European tour. I remember watching Cheetah Girls 2 on Disney Channel in 2007, and I saw the girls run around Barcelona. It immediately piqued my interest in this city but I did not explore the option of visiting Barcelona then because of money.

Fast forward to the present. I was able to afford my first trip to Europe and of course, I had to include Barcelona on the list of places to visit. Barcelona is very popular among tourists but for the right reasons. The city is vibrant, beautiful and filled with history. Also if you are a soccer lover, you would especially love the FC Barcelona museum which has various memorabilia belonging to Barcelona FC.

It’s quite easy to navigate the city of Barcelona. Taxis are relatively cheaper in Barcelona compared to Paris for example. I took a taxi from Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris to my Airbnb and it cost about 100 euros (which in retrospect I think the taxi driver probably fixed the meter seeing as I am a tourist but I am probably wrong). The cost of the ride discouraged me from taking taxis for the remainder of my trip to Europe. By the time I got to Barcelona, I was already tired of taking public transport so I opted for a taxi. The taxi from the airport to the Airbnb was surprisingly cheap. Of course the distance was shorter from the airport in Barcelona to the Airbnb compared to Paris.

The city of Barcelona has a vintage feel to it with beautiful, old architecture. The locals are nice and even though it is a Spanish speaking country, some people speak English. Unlike Colombia where locals speak Spanish predominantly. I wrote about my experience in Colombia and it can be found under my articles on this site.

Barcelona is a city that can be visited in a few days. Here is a list of things that can be done during a short visit to Barcelona:

Sagrada Familia

Bascilica i Temple Espiatori Sagrada Familia (Bascilia and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family) is a Roman Catholic Church in Barcelona. The construction of the Church commenced in 1886, and it is still under construction till date. It is anticipated that the construction will be complete in 2026. The architectural style is Gothic and this reflects throughout the building.

The basic ticket to Sagrada Familia cost 15 euros, and the price can go as high as 29 euros. The ticket that cost 29 euros includes views of Barcelona from the towers in Sagrada Famila.

The building is magnificent

Details infront of the Church

 Barcelona’s Port Cable Car

This cable car is a must for every tourist. It cuts across the city’s skyline to Montjuic. Montjuic is Barcelona’s most historic mountain. Montjuic Castle sits as the summit of the mountain. The cable car goes up Monjuic Hill and stops close to Montjuic castle. The cable car also offers paranormal views of the beautiful city of Barcelona and should not be missed by tourists.

Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta beach is a beautiful beach with several restaurants and clubs in the neighborhood. The beach is close to Montjuic and it is a must see by tourists. Beautiful sand sculptures are also visible on the beach. I was awed by the work of art displayed, and surprised at the detail. The sculptors made a dragon and it was complete with scales and fire.

Barceloneta Beach

Dragon sculpture made of sand

Another detailed sand sculpture

Gothic Quarter

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter was built in the late 19th and early 20th century. It stretches all the way to La Rambla which is a popular street in Barcelona. In my opinion, if you have limited time in Barcelona, it is best to experience the Gothic quarter on a rickshaw or bicycle. A bicycle can be rented at Barceloneta beach or you can take a rickshaw tour like I did. It was comfortable, fun and cheap. I hailed the rickshaw driver down at Barceloneta beach and he took me on a tour through Gothic Quarter. He was very versed in history and the tour took me from Barceloneta beach, through Barcelona Cathedral, and stopped at La Rambla.

Rickshaw Tour

La Rambla

La Rambla is a very popular street in central Barcelona. It is popular among locals and tourists so the tree lined street is always busy. The street is a pedestrian marketplace and you can see merchants lined on each side of the road. I enjoyed delicious seafood at one of the restaurants on La Rambla street and also saw a display of street performers. If you visit Barcelona, La Rambla is a must.

It is so easy to spend a lot of money in Europe and I would definitely caution travelers about that. Coming from the US, the Euro had more value so overall I was spending more money for day to day activities and food. The food in Barcelona is delicious and the famous paella is popular in Barcelona. Paella is a Spanish dish which originated from Valencia, Spain. It is made with rice and served with various types of seafood. Barcelona has a large number of Paella restaurants and a google search will show a large number of them with their ratings. I remember enjoying Paella for the first time in Barcelona and I actually ordered it accidentally. I was at a restaurant which I stumbled on (I forgot the name) and I asked what they would recommend and they said Paella. The foodie in me got curious and I ordered it. It was so delicious and I would definitely recommend this dish in Barcelona. I also enjoyed great wine in Barcelona because Spain is well known for producing delicious wines.

My trip to Barcelona was definitely memorable and I would visit again but maybe in the future because I have evolved from visiting major cities and I prefer renting cars in countries and driving around. In the future if I plan to visit Spain again, I would rent a car for a cross country tour so that I can enjoy as much as Spain has to offer.

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