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I have visited Thailand 2 times and with each time, I discover something different. The first time I visited, I focused on Bangkok where I ate to my heart's content and I also got scammed by a popular tuk tuk scam which I was unaware of (you can check out this post under my page). Bangkok is very similar to a lot of cities I have been in the sense that there is a side to it which appeals to expats and tourists and there is the other side of the city which is left untouched and appeals to locals.

Sukhumvit for example is the part that would appeal to tourists and expats because of the multitude of hotels, stores and restaurants in that area. Thailand is also famous for having some of the most beautiful and intricate temples in the world. I was in absolute awe at the shiny gold color of these temples and how well they were taking care of! Thailand temples are among the most famous in the world and a lot of popular culture architecture have taken inspiration from Thai architecture. I think it's so intriguing that the temples can be found within the city which also has high rise buildings. This is because Thai people place huge value on their religion and on preserving their culture.

Thai food is also one of the most delicious I have had in the world. The food mixes a variety of flavors like curry, coconut, and delicious spices to give the most delightful taste and aroma. I visited a cooking class in the island of Phuket during my second visit to Thailand and I was in absolute awe at the mix of spices and ingredients that make up Thai food. Typical Thai food is made up of a wide variety of ingredients ranging from shrimp to bananas. With each meal, you can be sure that would would be getting a balanced diet. In my post today I would be talking about Bangkok only and the things I ate when I visited. Per usual, I always want to go back to the cities that I enjoyed so that I could have a wider variety of food. Something to note about Bangkok is the fact that it is very HOT! I remember it was around 92F when I visited and this is quite normal for Bangkok. With that in mind, I try to leave the hotel to explore earlier in the day before the sun comes out because it gets really hot!

The title says it all. This post is about FOOD!!!!

Bangkok is indeed heaven for foodies like me. The food is very cheap and it also quite accessible. Outside of the numerous restaurants in the city, I loved the street food in Bangkok. Major streets in Bangkok are liked with several stalls of food vendors. There are a lot of vendors during the day, but more come out at night to line up the night markets.

Without further ado, I will dive right into the post. Here are the places I ate during my visit to Bangkok:

Chao Praya River

I hopped on a river boat in Bangkok which took me across the Chao Praya river, and stopped at a market. The market had several stalls of street food, and a shed which offered food from different vendors. Patrons of the vendors in the shed could opt to sit down while eating. I ordered crab, shrimp and Pho from one of the vendors. The food was both cheap and delicious.

I would recommend taking a river boat by the Chao Praya river in Bangkok but tourists beware. You can get on a boat on the bank of the river as there are several boats to rent. Make sure you haggle for a decent price though.



Delicious Pho

Long Table Bar and Restaurant

Long Table is a Thai fusion restaurant located in Sukhumvit. The food has amazing presentation but it is a little pricey. It is located on the 25th floor of the column tower so I will advise eating at the balcony because of the views.


Drinks at Long Table Bar


Different variations of seafood dishes

Khao San Road

Khao san road is famously known as Bangkok’s backpacker street because there are a ton of hostels on the street. Apart from hostels, there are also a ton of street food vendors who offer a variety of snacks and meals. I had a Nutella crepe here, and I also had fried rice and a fruit cup. I went to Khao san road quite frequently when I stayed in Bangkok because I could not get enough. Khao san road is also great for getting massages for the low low.


One of several restaurants in Khao San Road


Delicious food found in Khao San Road

Victory Monument

Prior to visiting Bangkok, I heard victory monument apparently has one of the best noodles in town. There is a food court in victory monument by the bridge where several vendors sell noodles at restaurants.

Just like everywhere else in Bangkok, there are also street food vendors lining various stalls in victory monument but I tried the noodles and oh my! The noodles are so delicious. They come in small or large size but in order to be full, more than one bowl has to be consumed. I consumed 2 large bowls. The noodles were that delicious.

Victory monument noodles definitely should not be missed in Bangkok


Bowls of the noodles at Victory Monument


Delicious Noodles


More food choices` at Victory Monument

Night Markets and Major Streets in Bangkok

The food items below are from night markets and several streets in Bangkok. I found these spots by doing a lot of walking and tuk tuking (is that a word) in Bangkok. I do not remember the names of exact places below but Sukhumvit and Chinatown are part of the pictured foodie spots below.

Bangkok is one of the places I have visited with a wealth of street food so it is definitely not difficult to find finger foods or meals at any time of the day.




Khao San Road


Night Market


Sticky rice in Chinatown




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