DeSantis allies to spend $100 million that will be spread over 18 key states to secure that Republican nomination


Governor DeSantis and his allies plan on spending $100 million that will spread across 18 crucial states with the hopes of getting him that Republican nomination for Presidency.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.Photo byGage Skidmore / Flickr

It has been reported that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, his allies, and backers outlined a strategic plan to allocate a substantial sum of $100 million across 18 pivotal states.

This significant financial investment is aimed at selecting good delegates that will bolster his chances of securing the Republican nomination for the Presidency in 2024.

To date, an impressive number exceeding 260 canvassers have successfully completed the program orchestrated by 'Never Back Down'.

With these trained door-knockers being effectively deployed to strategic locations encompassing Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, and other states, thus amplifying the reach of their campaign efforts across a diverse range of crucial electoral territories.

As of Friday, the dedicated team of canvassers affiliated tallied as followers:

  • The 'Never Back Down' movement undertook the task of visiting over 235,000 households nationwide, actively engaging with the electorate comprehensively.
  • Their concerted efforts encompassed approximately 83,000 households in Iowa.
  • Then, a further 56,000 households in New Hampshire were added.
  • An additional 76,000 households in South Carolina during the past month, signifying a substantial commitment to connect with voters on a significant scale.

Driven by their ambitious vision, their expressed objective is to equip a formidable force of 2,600 meticulously trained canvassers by the occasion of Labor Day.

They hope this would ensure an expansive network of knowledgeable individuals poised to effectively disseminate their message and engage with the electorate in a purposeful manner.

Within the circle of DeSantis allies, this expansive and comprehensive field program is viewed as the central pillar of an endeavor to surpass former President Donald Trump.

According to early predictions, Trump currently maintains a considerable advantage over DeSantis in the Republican primary polls, albeit facing legal indictments.

Recognizing the need to navigate this complex landscape, the allies of Governor DeSantis have strategically identified this large-scale field program as the linchpin in their pursuit of gaining significant ground.

They hope to outpace the formidable competition presented by Trump, whose poll numbers have demonstrated a prevailing position within the GOP primary.

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