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Santos is now facing local, state, federal, international and congressional ethics investigations


George Santos is now being probed for alleged ethical infractions at local, state, federal, international, and congressional investigations, which might result in substantial legal penalties and reputational harm.
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New York Republican leader George Santos is currently under investigation for alleged ethical violations at various levels, including local, state, federal, international, and congressional inquiries, which could potentially lead to significant legal consequences and reputational damage.

The House Ethics Committe was the recent one to announce that it will launch an investigation into Rep. George Santos, who has confessed to fabricating significant portions of his biography and faces allegations of violating campaign finance laws.

The committee leaders released a statement on Thursday, stating that an investigative subcommittee will be formed to examine various claims against the new congressman.

These include accusations about his previous business dealings, his campaign finance expenses, and allegations that he engaged in sexual misconduct towards an individual seeking employment in his congressional office.

An examination of remarks made during two of Santos' campaigns for Congress revealed that he had made untrue claims that were so extreme that they left Republicans with no room to defend him.

According to a report, some falsehoods from Santos include claims that he was forced to leave a private school in New York City when his family's real estate assets took a downturn.

These claims do not end there, he repeatedly continued to state that he represented Goldman Sachs at a top financial conference where he berated the company for investing in renewables.

In interviews that followed after the news broke, Santos conceded that he lied about certain aspects of his résumé, including the fact that he graduated from college.

However, he told the New York Post that the distortion of his job history at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup was a "bad choice of words," in other words, covering lies with more lies, ALLEGEDLY.

As he stated in the past that he had worked for the most prestigious financial institutions in the nation, there was never any evidence to support this claim, and it looks like another lie to add to the list.

Since reports first surfaced about his false claims, Santos made efforts to downplay his fabrications as mere "embellishments". And it seems like those who trusted him are disappointed.

But the previously unreported claims from Santos illustrate a pattern of fabricating details about his life, often in service of presenting a more compelling or interesting personal narrative hence this probe.

A few weeks ago, this Republican Rep. announced that he was going to step down from his committee assignments because he is being some sort of a "distraction," according to a report.

The statement was allegedly made by a prominent lawmaker on anonymity who believes that Santos's presence has hindered the organization's smooth functioning.

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