Abbott's SB 923 to prohibit undocumented children from receiving state public education funds


The bill that Governor Abbott tabled, known as SB 923, will reportedly make it illegal for undocumented children to receive financial assistance from the state for their schooling.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott.Photo byTexans for Abbott / Flickr

Texas Governor Greg Abbott's proposed SB 923 has stirred up controversy as it seeks to deny state education funds to children without legal immigration status.

If passed, public schools would be at risk of losing their funding and would need to turn to the federal government for support.

The bill would also place the responsibility of enforcing immigration laws on local school boards, which would determine the requirements for establishing nationality.

This could also lead to discriminatory actions against not only undocumented children but any minority child.

While Abbott argues that undocumented children are a burden on society, some have pointed out the economic benefits that migrant children could provide to Texas in the future.

However, others have criticized this argument as promoting the idea that migrant children are a source of cheap, exploitable labor, which fuels the right-wing narrative of blaming immigrants for job loss and resource depletion.

Such thinking can lead to infighting among communities while those in power continue to profit at the expense of the people.

Texas Senator Drew Springer has recently submitted this SB 923 that obviously aligns with Governor Abbott's campaign promise to prohibit undocumented children from accessing public education unless the federal government provides the necessary funding.

The bill has been referred to the Senate Education Committee for review and consideration, and if approved, it could have significant implications for the education of undocumented children in Texas.

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