George Santos is reportedly stepping down because 'he is a distraction,' according to a lawmaker


A lawmaker has claimed that George Santos is stepping down from his position because he believes that he is some sort of a "distraction" to House Republicans and the party as a whole.
A screenshot of a Tweeted video by Rep-Elect George Santos.Photo by@Santos4Congress / Twitter

Republican Rep. George Santos announced on Tuesday that he was going to step down from his committee assignments because he is being some sort of a "distraction," according to a report.

This statement was made by a prominent lawmaker on anonymity who believes that Santos's presence has hindered the organization's smooth functioning.

The move by Santos has generated a lot of buzz and speculation among the public and has raised questions about the real reason behind his departure, seeing as this took place just one day after Santos met with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Concerning how they should respond to Santos, it may appear that Republicans were left fractured and muddled in thinking of whether to support or cancel this Rep-elect.

Since he was exposed, an increasing number of House Democrats condemned him, and some have asked him to resign.

He is also facing condemnation from some corners of the Republican Party; at least one of his fellow incoming Republicans has called for an ethics investigation to be opened into his conduct.

The leadership of the House Republican Party, on the other hand, has not commented thoroughly on the findings that the New York Republican misled about several aspects of his past, and those who expressed their views were vague.

To avoid more scrutiny, Santos is stepping down from his positions on the House Small Business Committee and the Science, Space, and Technology Committee after admitting that he has lied about his schooling, employment, religion, and heritage since his election in November.

It was believed earlier this month that Democrats were seeking other routes of action against this 34-year-old, including a potential complaint to the federal election commission and a motion to oust him from Congress indefinitely.

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