Republicans promise not to touch Social Security and Medicare, months after Biden made an issue about payments increases


House Republicans have reassured Americans that they will not touch Social Security and Medicare, just a few months after President Biden made a big deal about payment increases for those two elements.
Republican leader and House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy.Photo byKevin McCarthy / Flickr

A few months after United States President Joe Biden raised concerns about rising payment amounts, House Republicans have promised not to make any changes to Social Security or Medicare.

The remark comes at a time when some Republicans in the House of Representatives are looking at federal entitlement programs as a potential target for cutting federal spending.

Since the country reached its debt ceiling on January 19, 2023, Congress is facing a looming deadline to raise the debt limit and prevent the government from defaulting on its debt.

The Treasury Department has begun taking "extraordinary measures" to prevent such a default, and it is anticipated that this will give Congress until the beginning of June to come up with a solution to the problem.

However, President Biden and congressional Democrats have so far refused to negotiate on the debt ceiling. Instead, they have called for a clean increase and are setting the stage for a potential showdown with Republicans.

Sometime last year, President Biden came under fire for making a misleading claim that the rise in Social Security payments scheduled to take effect in 2023 will be the first increase to take effect in the previous decade.

The president continues to emphasize how significant the upcoming rise in Social Security payouts would be - but in doing so, all these claims leave out the crucial context.

  • President Biden Biden does not clarify that the increase in 2023 will be unusually great because the inflation rate has been unusually large.

This critical background information on the coming increases was also omitted by a tweet that the White House posted on their account on Tuesday, which has since been removed following widespread criticizm and a fact-check from Twitter.

Fact-Checkers pointed out that there was an increase in each and every year of the Trump Administration and during the first two years of the Biden government.

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