DeSantis slammed for his decision to survey students who received gender-affirming treatment


Governor DeSantis has been condemned for his decision to poll the number of students who have undergone gender reassignment surgery or similar procedures, with many saying this could violate HIPPA.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.Photo byGage Skidmore / Flickr

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been slammed for requesting information from state colleges regarding the number of students who have sought or received therapy for gender dysphoria.

According to a released survey, this treatment may include sex reassignment surgery and hormone prescriptions, among other options, and claims to protect students' identities in completing the information.

Basically, the memo tasked educational institutions with a duty to report data on people who were prescribed hormones or hormone antagonists or who underwent medical procedures.

This survey requires breakdowns by age regardless of whether students are over 18, and some medical procedures include mastectomies, breast augmentation, or removal and reconstruction of genitals.

The survey is comparable to one that Governor DeSantis is mandating all state universities to complete regarding the amount of money spent on diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and critical race theory courses.

The survey was published on the same day that the university presidents voted to support the Governor's "anti-woke" agenda and to reject "the progressivist higher education indoctrination agenda."

The university presidents also committed to "removing all woke positions and ideologies by February 1, 2023," according to a news release from the state Education Department.

The office of the Governor has reportedly not been helpful with providing more information on what they plan to do with the data or what the objective of the survey is, but they do expect it to be finished by February 10.

Chris Spencer, who is working as the budget director for DeSantis, is the one who is responsible for sending out the survey to the chairs of the university board of trustees.

Spencer informed the chairs that they were required to complete the survey as part of their responsibility to administer the organization's resources and defend the public interest.

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