Opinion: Biden's plan to reduce homelessness by 25% before 2025 won't work — Democrats are bad at mitigating this issue


President Biden and his administration's aim to minimize the issue of homelessness by 25% before 2025 will not succeed simply because Democrats have demonstrated over and over again — New York & California being examples — that they cannot mitigate the housing issue, writes Victor.

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United States President Joe Biden in December presented a proposal to reduce the number of people who are homeless across the country by 25% over the course of the next two years.

This occurred at a time when homelessness in the United States reached crisis proportions, and officials say the plan, which is more than 100 pages long and includes feedback from hundreds of homeless people, integrates input from cities across the nation.

The mayor of LA has declared a state of emergency over this issue, while the mayor of New York revealed his intentions to require homeless people who have a mental illness to enter treatment.

What we are not going to do, is pretend like the state of New York and California have found a way to keep housing prices under control while eradicating the issue of homelessness, and both have been under Democratic governance.

Democratic leaders have also been criticized for not attending to the homeless issue that is plaguing states that they are handling, despite having the tools to do that.

Housing policy in California is a huge problem that residents have continued to experience, seeing as some neighborhoods continue to keep others out by keeping the value of assets high.

The state median home price has more than doubled the national average, continuing to badly damage the state, and taxes there make everything even worse.

Political leaders and officials continue to say that "housing is a human right, yet they do nothing to avert this crisis."

The award-winning multimedia Journalist Johnny Harris in conjunction with The New York Times, collaborated on a project that looked at how liberal hypocrisy fuelled American inequality late last year -- the project has since won an Emmy. 

Harris mentioned that the Democrats control the legislative and the executive branches, and he asked what they do when they have this much power -- especially when housing is one of the factors they are fighting for.

Another Journalist and Novelist, Ross Barkan, called out the democrats, including the federal government, for not 'caring' about the homeless situation (of New York) in a column published by another publication.

He said that local governments are becoming increasingly aware of the critical need to increase the housing supply, which has led to more people finding themselves homeless.

California residents have voted for Democrats to serve as their Governors for the last three decades. As such, Democrats are still in charge of the Governor's office, and they are also in charge of New York.

The state's cost of living has continued to grow, and housing issues have gotten out of hand. We can only hope that all elected leaders will deal with these critical problems.

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