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A North Carolina woman won the lottery twice — just months apart


There is a woman in North Carolina who won the lottery twice, just two months apart, according to the State Lottery.
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Kenya Sloan, a 41-year-old North Carolina woman, won the lottery not once but twice in the span of just two months, according to the statement from the State Lottery.

Sloan won $1 million for the very first time in August. Then she made the purchase of the winning scratch-off ticket in October, making this her second winning ticket.

This October ticket saw Sloan bag $2,000,000 after purchasing this Diamond Dazzler ticket from a convenience store in Shelby, North Carolina.

According to the press release, Sloan went to the headquarters of the lottery earlier this week and made the decision to forego the annuity payout of $1.2 million.

This decision was in favor of a lump sum payment of approximately $855,006 after taxes, the statement said.

Ms Sloan said:

I was just standing there in shock. I just feel blessed. That's all I have to say. I told some of my family members, and they couldn't believe it either".

Sloan won a jackpot game worth one million dollars in August, and she had previously mentioned to officials from the lottery that she intended to use the money to build her ideal home.

She stated that being awarded the current prize, which she will put toward the opening of her restaurant, was the realization of a lifelong ambition.

Sloan added that she is "blessed" by her good fortune, and now that she has won, she intends to put the money toward opening a restaurant serving soul food with the winnings.

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