Florida taxpayers continue to pay for Governor DeSantis' voter fraud cases - but he keeps on losing all of them


Taxpayers in Florida continue to foot the bill for all the election fraud cases that Governor DeSantis' initiative is fighting for in court, and all of them have been lost so far.

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The voter fraud cases brought by Governor Ron DeSantis continue to cost Florida taxpayers money, despite the fact that he continues to lose each one.

This follows a recent case of voter fraud presented by Governor DeSantis' elections police that was dismissed by a judge in Miami, making this the third case to be dismissed since the Governor announced the arrests.

This is not the first time a voter fraud case was hit stumbling blocks. A few months ago, a body camera video was released from the Tampa Police Department showing officers arresting felons for allegedly voting illegally in the 2020 election.

For an Ivy League-educated lawyer, Governor DeSantis' administration has, for the most part, been on the losing side of things so far, with a few notable exceptions.

According to a report from the Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau, the state of Florida has shelled out close to $17 million to defend court legislation and policies that the Governor championed.

It is unfortunate that the Governor will not be paying for his one-person show himself. Florida taxpayers are via attorney fees.

The state made history this year by having a unit dedicated to probing all election-related crimes after lawmakers sent legislation tasked with enacting newer voting restrictions.

So far, the cases that have been brought forward to the judge have been dismissed, and it seems like the Governor's administration will only put a pause on this soon.

The Republicans have been very vocal about how lightly this issue has been treated, and they have been trying to fight against and investigate the way that elections are conducted.

And this new law also happens to be Florida's second major overhaul of election laws since the 2020 election, which got embroiled in some election controversy.

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