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San Francisco police will use killer robots to assist police with violent suspects like mass shooters


Officials from the city of San Francisco said armed robots would be dispatched to assist law enforcement in dealing with violent suspects such as mass shooters.
San Francisco Police Department personnel during a media briefing.Photo byJustin Sullivan / Gallo Images

The police department in San Francisco, California, heavily defended its possible deployment of killer robots by stating that they would be a "last resort" and would only be used in highly hazardous circumstances.

The city's law enforcement officers received authorization to use machines capable of applying lethal force after residents voiced concerns about increased crime.

There are already several robots that the police department already possesses that can be remotely controlled and are used in "bomb situations".

According to the force's official statement, they are also used in hazardous materials and other incidents where officers may need to keep a safe distance before rendering a scene secure.

The plan to use "killing robots" has raised some eyebrows, with some people wondering who would be held responsible in the event that a "killer robot" malfunctions while it is on the job.

The city supervisors have declared that armed robots will be used to confront particularly aggressive suspects, such as those who commit mass shootings or suicide bombings.

They will only be deployed if a high-ranking member of the San Francisco Police Department gets the go-ahead for the employment of armed robots to combat these suspects.

It seems like one of the main uses for the robots could be to deliver an explosive charge in order to breach a structure that is harboring a hostile area or any armed individual.

And city officials are adamant that robots outfitted in this manner would only be deployed for the purpose of saving innocent lives or preventing additional loss of life.

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