Gen Zs think the thumbs-up emoji is passive-aggressive


According to recent reports, Gen Zs find the thumbs-up emoji offensive. On Reddit, some users stated that the emoji comes off as passive-aggressive.
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Various news outlets are reporting that members of Generation Z view the thumbs-up emoji as confrontational and passive-aggressive.

This also suggests that Gen Zs has found the thumbs-up emoji to be confrontational and passive-aggressive for a significant amount of time.

An expert on the proper use of emojis has cautioned that you should avoid sending a "passive hostile" thumbs up to a member of Generation Z. Additionally, a "slight smile" may also be misunderstood in this demographic.

The editor-in-chief of Emojipedia, Keith Broni, who is 32 years old and hails from Dublin, explained the emojis' secret meanings, which are prone to be misunderstood between different generations.

Barry Kennedy (24) remarked, "I only use it in a satirical manner, but sometimes I'm not even sure if the irony comes over".

He claimed that the only people he used it to talk to were baby boomers, such as his parents or older coworkers.

Others have voiced their concern that the emoji gives off an air of superiority. "If I take the time out to compose a thoughtful message, then you shouldn't be responding with the bare minimum," continued Kim Law, a social worker who is 25 years old.

Emojis should be avoided in professional settings, according to Elaine Swann, an etiquette consultant who provides training to corporations on the topic.

She stated that "[Emoji language] certainly fluctuates from generation to generation" and went on to say that "across the board, people want to know they've been heard, and emojis don't represent that for everybody."

Emojis have the potential to convey a wide range of meanings to young people who live in the ephemeral and contactless world of social media.

Now, it appears that the following emojis can also be avoided: the red heart, the poo (aww, lil' pal), the face with tears running down its face, the laugh-cry, and others.

  • If you're still using the thumps-up emoji...why?

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