Analysis: Trump's supporters still refer to him as "President Trump" almost 2yrs after leaving office. But...why?


Donald Trump's supporters still refer to him as "President Trump" even in the year-plus since he left office. But the most important question is...why? To keep it short, he is the leader they believe won the Presidency.
Former United States President Donald Trump.Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Former United States President Donald Trump is still referred to as "President Trump" by his supporters even after more than a year since he left the Oval Office.

To this day, Trump\s supporters still claim and maintain that the reason why this former United States president was defeated in 2020 was because of election fraud.

  • According to a timeline review fact-checking report from Aljazeera, a congressional committee emphasized that Trump's advisers told him the allegations of fraud were false.

However, that did not stop the former president from persisting with his claimsthat the 2020 election was rigged, and the whole commotion reportedly led to January 6 events.

The Republicans have been very vocal about how lightly this issue has been treated, and they have been trying to fight against and investigate the way that elections are conducted.

The evidence that can be trusted tells us that the election in 2020 was carried out in a highly secure manner, even Washington Post's research suggests the same thing.

It has been confirmed by analysts on both sides of the political spectrum and by the Justice Department of President Donald Trump's administration that the election in 2020 was both free and fair.

Even an audit of Arizona's results that was sponsored by Republicans concluded that there was no proof of fraud or wrongdoing.

Despite this, an overwhelming majority of Republican supporters have indicated that they agree with President Trump's baseless allegations that the election was rigged.

How was it that the campaign based on the "big deception" could convince so many Republicans that Trump won an election that he so obviously lost?

The word "expressive responding" is a term used by social scientists to denote that respondents are utilizing a survey item to register an emotion rather than to express a fundamental belief. 

Some observers are curious whether these beliefs were genuine, to begin with, or simply an example of expressive responding.

In this scenario, it would mean that those Republicans who are outraged that Biden won are claiming that his victory was not legitimate, even though they are aware, on some level, that it was.

Now with the rumors that the former president is set to announce a run for Presidency again in 2024, many wonder about the criminal investigations that can result in him being prosecuted.

This is because Trump's candidacy for the Presidency comes at a time when he faces many legal concerns and investigations, including at least one criminal probe that could result in him being indicted.

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