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At least 61% of LA voters flagged homelessness as the city's number-one priority for the upcoming race


According to the results of a poll, one-third of the voters in Los Angeles believe that the number of people living on the streets has increased over the past several years.

A picture depicting homelessness in Los Angeles, California.Frederic J Brown / AFP

The results of a poll conducted by the Southern California News Group said more than three-quarters of probable voters in the city of Los Angeles, California, believe that the problem of homelessness has become more severe over the past few years.

This is not the first time that a study of voters in Los Angeles has discovered such damning information regarding the homeless population. In the upcoming election for mayor of Los Angeles, 61% of voters indicated that ending homelessness should be the top priority for the city.

The study questioned persons who were intending to vote in the next elections about the problems that were most important to them; in other words, the topics that they rated as having a high level of significance.

The issue of affordable housing came in third with 36% of the vote, while the issue of crime and public safety came in second with 38% of the vote. This demonstrates how homelessness, housing, and safety are all connected.

There are an estimated 160,000 people without homes in the state of California, according to official data that was reported by the media; out of that amount, there are 66,436 people without homes in the city of Los Angeles in the census of 2020.

It is believed that this figure has increased by more than 39% over the course of the past five years and that it disproportionately impacts individuals of color with low incomes who are Black and Latino.

According to a report published by Medical Net, an increasing number of voters are becoming dissatisfied with their communities as a result of the presence of homeless encampments all over the place.

According to the census that will be conducted in 2020 by the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority, the city has a problem with homelessness that has already impacted more than 60,000 people.

And at this point, all of the candidates for mayor have put out their own proposals. However, it appears that nobody can come to an agreement on a concept that can be explored further.

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