Governor DeSantis underfire for claiming elementary school workers are 'instructed to tell kids to switch genders'


Florida Governor DeSantis has been slammed by social media and denounced by experts for making claims that elementary school staff is instructed to tell kids to switch genders.
A screenshot of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during a media briefing.@therecount / Twitter

Governor Ron DeSantis has been denounced by Education organisations and experts in the field for his comments on employees working in the elementary school sector.

During one of his media briefings last month, the Governor made scathing comments saying that workers were instructed to tell kids to switch genders, a video has shown.

The Governor and possible presidential candidate's remarks were the latest examples of the Republican party's ongoing campaign with the young people across the state of Florida.

This also led to most people on social media expressing their concerns regarding this, which led to some of the Governor's supporters rallying behind him, justifying what he said.

Curriculum transparency for parents has been a crucial topic whenever Governor DeSantis has to make a speech, mainly how he says this legislation is aimed at preserving parents' rights to make decisions about the materials their children are exposed to in school.

Most of the praises that the Governor has been receiving lately are of him being praised for parading the "Stop WOKE Act," which forbids educators and workplace employers from teaching pupils about social issues while on duty.

All of this stems from a war that has been brewing for a while between the multinational conglomerate and the Governor continued to ensue due to the State Bill that the Governor's administration signed.

After depriving this multinational conglomerate of its special governing powers, Governor DeSantis said the state should take over the administration body that has overseen the entertainment company's Orlando-area theme parks for the past 50 years.

While lawmakers debated the bill, Governor DeSantis remained steadfast in his support for the legislation, which even led to Disney pausing political donations across the state.

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