Young Republican voters ready to rally behind DeSantis and ditch Trump


The mid-term elections are yet to happen, but Republican voters seem ready to rally behind Governor DeSantis and ditch Donald Trump as their preferred candidate of choice in 2024.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Former U.S. President President Donald Trump.Doug Mills / Getty Images

Republican voters are going through a huge turmoil over the harsh decision of not knowing if they are going to stick by former United States President Donald Trump or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Among young GOP voters, there is growing support from those that are rooting for Governor DeSantis and prefer him to be their pick for the White House contender.

At least 64% of primary voters under the age of 35, as well as 65% of those with a college degree, said that they would vote against Trump in a presidential primary, a New York Times poll finds.

The same poll has tracked Florida Governor DeSantis as the second preferred choice with 25% of the vote, and the Governor remains a top choice among young Republicans.

All of this is happening before the Governor is not even elected for a second term of running Florida, seeing as elections are not even happening at least until November 2022.

Governor DeSantis has been picking up steam in GOP politics for months and is widely considered to be a popular contender for the party's presidential nomination in 2024.

Challenging Trump at the Primaries should the 2024 elections be a fight-off between him and Trump, this will be the most intense and divided the GOPs have ever been.

A Yahoo News report said every national poll that compares Trump to the rest of the potential field shows him with a large plurality of the vote; many put him over 50%.

The former U.S. President also has a small clientele of donors who can drop massive funds on his campaigns, and he still has an unshakable hold on the Average Republican primary voter.

Trump's influence over party officials is undiminished, and even without Twitter, his ability to command media attention is still unparalleled, and he would probably give DeSantis a tough time in the primary race.

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