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In Archives: CNN staff were confused why a consensual affair between divorced colleagues precipitated such dramatic move


The employees at CNN back in February were confused why a consensual relationship between Jeff Zucker and Allison Gollust, who were both divorced, caused such dramatic moves that rattled the newsroom the way it did.
The CNN center is seen in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, on October 16, 2021.Daniel Slim / AFP

As we recount events that occurred at CNN at the beginning of this year, one important underlying factor among colleagues is the shock they expressed over a relationship of their bosses that led to the station being at the centre of a scandal.

CNN staff members expressed various times on the internet, even on the air, why a consensual relationship between the network president and a high-ranking executive caused such a storm.

Following Jeff Zucker's announcement, the network anchor Alisyn Camerota was slammed on social media for saying that two consenting adults should be allowed to have a relationship.

During one of the segments that was covering the incident, Camerota said this fundamental line:

I just think it's so regrettable how it happened. If what you are reporting is true, these are two consenting adults who are both executives. That they can't have a private relationship feels wrong"

Camerota's comment has caused a colossal storm online and on cable Television due to the way it was phrased because the relationship should have been disclosed; it's like a moral clause.

There are rules, regulations, Code Of Ethics and laws that employees should follow before engaging in any marital affairs, and the most important one is reporting the "interest of the affair" to the Human Resource department.

Disclosure of such relationships is necessary because there are allegations that Zucker hired Allison in the first due to their interest in each other, a CNN former employee revealed in an interview. It makes sense that rules such as those are there in the workplace.

During a live interaction on the Daily Blast, Eric made a crucial point, saying that if this had happened at a competing network like Fox, CNN would not have reported it the way they were reporting it.

One of the reasons why he said this was because relationships in workplaces are highly discouraged due to many linings that may arise, especially when one person is a senior and the other a subordinate. However, they are not illegal.

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