An influx of migrants is overwhelming patrol agents at the Texas-Mexico border


There is a massive influx of foreign nationals overwhelming the patrol agents at the Texas and Mexico border, not only making queues longer but also impossible to control.
Shipping containers line the area near the Rio Grande river on the Eagle Pass border in Texas.Sergio Flores / AFP

Agents at the Texas and Mexico border area have been struggling to manage the influx of migrants that have been coming to the United States, officials have announced.

Daily encounters of foreign nationals continue to surge day-by-day this summer, doubling the capacity at some facilities, thus leading to long queues that take hours to manage.

Border Patrol officials reported that groups of 300 to 500 people have been crossing the Eagle Pass area, superseding the Rio Grande Valley area for migrant crossings in the last few weeks.

This mess at the Mexico-U.S. border also led to logistic issues and bred into a commercial disaster for both nations, to a point where business leaders complained.

In January, Governor Abbott renewed this border security disaster proclamation he signed into power in May 2021 because "the Biden administration wasn't doing its job on the border".

Approximately 2 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border, troops are stationed as part of a state-sponsored border security operation with more than 10,000 soldiers assigned to it.

The Governor put this $2 billion mission in place to "stop" drugs and undocumented immigrants from crossing the Mexican border into Texas.

Deploying thousands and thousands of troops and an added budget led to frustrations from Democratic lawmakers, internally, and even the National Guard members participating in the mission.

In June alone, patrol agents encountered 207,416 migrants across the southwest border in June, recent data from Customs and Border Protection has shown.

Northern border agents have been dispatched to speed up the process, and busing foreign nations to Washington, D.C. is still an ongoing thing that the Abbott Administration has continued to do.

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