Republican Abbott received less funding in donations compared to his Democrat opponent O'Rourke for this election race


Greg Abbott, a Republican candidate and current Governor, received less funds from donations compared to his opponent Democrat Governor hopeful Beto O'Rourke.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott.TFGA / Flickr

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has received less funds than Beto O'Rourke in donations for his campaign race, a report from the Texas Tribune has shown.

From a total figure of $78 million, the report revealed that Republican Governor Abbott garnered 202,352 in donations which led to him raising approximately $37.0 million.

This figure is lower than O’Rourke's one, which is tracking around 724,082 in donations which brought in $40.9 million funds -- this is higher than Abbott.

However, Governor Abbott possesses roughly twice as much cash on hand as O'Rourke based on the same assessment. And this Republican hopeful spent over three times the amount his democrat opponent spent.

Governor Abbott entered the general election with more than $50 million to spend, a formidable campaign account that ranks among the largest of any governor in the country.

The Texas Governor is running for a third term and has former President Donald Trump’s endorsement - despite the former president's allies sharing a different view over this seal of approval.

He expressed on numerous occasions that he would be interested in seeking a third term in office this year -- even the GOP gave him a nod -- and even began his campaign back in 2021 with donations.

The chances of Governor Abbott banking a third term after this projection remains high, given that 84% figure of Republicans from the state said they would back him as the Governor of Texas for a third term.

The Governor was leading with 45% on the same poll, while O'Rourke was behind him with 39% among the overall residents of Texas that were surveyed.

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