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Availability of affordable housing revealed as the cause of homelessness in LA, not drug abuse, mental illness & poverty


LA not having affordable housing has been revealed by new research as the major cause of homelessness in the city, counterarguing drug addiction and poverty as the main cause.

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A research booklet by the University of California Press has disputed drug addiction, mental illness, alcoholism and poverty as the major cause of homelessness.

These causes were also identified by the LA Ist, and they further added unemployment, poverty, and low wages as other contributing factors.

This has been an ongoing thing where childhood trauma, mental illness, and chronic drug abuse ended up being placed as leading causes.

However, a pair of researchers examined those issues across the country and discovered that they occur everywhere. They discovered that the availability of affordable housing varies greatly across the country.

The city of Los Angeles, California, has a homelessness issue that registered over 60,000 people, according to 2020's census by the LA homeless Service Authority.

According to official data, as reported by the media, an estimated number of 160,000 Californians are homeless; from that number, 66,436 are from Los Angeles in 2020's census.

This number is said to have grown by more than 39% in the last five years and disproportionately affects low-income Black and Latino people.

It should come as no surprise that California's main cities have a homeless issue. After New York City, Los Angeles probably has the biggest number of homeless persons in the United States.

A report by Medical Net has highlighted the growth in frustrated voters who complain about encountering homeless encampments across their neighborhoods.

- What do you think is the biggest issue behind homelessness? Do you think the rental market contributes more? As opposed to drugs and poverty? Share your views in the comments below. And if you think more people should read this, share it on social media.

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