Republican Gov. Baker has the highest approval rating & democratic fans - but no real political future, says columnist

  • Editor's Note: This piece has been amended to reflect Governor DeSantis and Governor Abbott's performance.

Governor Charlie Baker has garnered a higher approval rating than other Republican leaders. He is also said to be more popular among democrats -- making him the only Republican governor to amass this public following. Columnists argue why the GOPs are not considering him for the oval office.
Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker.Michael M. Santiago / AFP

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is currently the most popular Governor in the United States, and he happens to have a positive appeal among democratic members.

Governor Baker topped the list with a 74% approval rating - surpassing every other Republican leader, a survey from the Morning Consult has shown.

This makes him the only Republican governor to amass this much public following, and based on data, his support seems to grow with every moment that passes with him in office.

With this much popularity and a cross-party appeal, the Governor announced back in December that he would not be seeking a third term this year, making him end his reign on a high positive note.

Columnists have wondered why a Republican Governor with such an appeal was not considered for a run for the Oval Office by the GOPs.

In his column published by The Week, Joel Mathis says that Baker is not considered for the Oval Office to run because he has never been comfortable in the MAGAfied version of the GOP.

The Massachusetts Governor reportedly left his presidential ballots blank in 2016 and 2020 rather than vote for Donald Trump.

Governor Baker also famously criticized the former president's performance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

When announcing the decision to not run for re-election seeking a third term, he said the reason was so that his administration would focus on larger issues like the state's Covid-19 recovery.

He has also repeatedly stated that he has no plans to run for federal office and has no interest in expending energy on campaign trails.

How do most politically acclaimed Governors track?

Two Republican leaders, Governor Greg Abbott and Governor Ron DeSantis are notably the most influential GOP politicians, with a decent score.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott only received a 41% approval rating from the survey, placing him 27th on the leaderboard of all current governors leading their respective states.

With a disappointing 53% disapproval, Governor Abbott can potentially get re-elected, seeing as he is easily the second most "influential" Governor among Republicans, the first one being Governor Ron DeSantis.

Florida's Governor DeSantis received a 56% approval rating from the same survey, placing him 22nd on the leaderboard of all current governors leading their respective states.

The data reveals that 38% of those polled disapproved of the leadership that Governor DeSantis is helming in Florida. Despite this, he will likely get re-elected, seeing as he is the most "influential" Governor among Republicans.

Massachusetts Governor Baker's political record

Governor Charlie Baker's administration attempted to have nearly $2 billion that it paid to ineligible claimants wiped off, but the Labor Department denied the request.

These payments were for unemployment benefits to beneficiaries in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic when people were losing jobs and even companies shutting down, according to

MacAneney discovered through legal filings that there had been overpayments on 719,000 unemployed claims from March 2020 to September 2021.

The United States Labor Department initially denied this request from Governor Baker's administration for approval to waive without individual review claims of at least 300,000 recipients, totalling about $2 billion.

A plan was later laid to fully or partially part nearly 288,000 people who received UPA benefits but were later told they may have to pay back the money.

Following this debacle, Governor Baker filed legislation to make $3.5 billion in investments toward job creation across Massachusetts which has been exacerbated by the Coronavirus pandemic.

This decision will see the state establish various infrastructure projects, including traffic and safety improvements in some of the 351 cities and towns that can be found across Massachusetts.

Governor Baker said that these investments will aim to aid communities and local economies, that way, they can emerge more confident and "stronger in a post-pandemic world".

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