Residents of Texas warned to cut their power use as the electricity system is under severe pressure due to hot weather

A stock photo depicting energy transmission towers on the field during sunset.Pixabay / Pexels

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has asked the state residents to scale back on their energy consumption as the current system remains under severe pressure.

This decision comes after six power generators went offline on Friday amid scorching weather and high energy demand.

It is not the first time ERCOT warned of potential grid issues as temperatures in the state reached near-record highs.

The agency asked generators last week to postpone scheduled maintenance and keep power plants running to meet the high demand and blamed this on the "unusually warm weather" forecast.

Since the Texas electric grid failed during last year's winter storm, leaving millions without power for days at a time, the agency has faced criticism and lawsuits.

Over a hundred people died as a result of the power outage, despite the fact that this number has been estimated to be higher than double that confirmed figure.

This past Monday, power consumption on Monday reached 71,000 megawatts, a record for May, prompting generators to put off scheduled maintenance and keep power plants operating to meet the high demand.

In an article published by The Courier, experts were quoted saying:

Power companies have traditionally scheduled maintenance in the spring, when temperatures are mild, to prepare for the stress of summer when demand in Texas is at its highest. But increasingly, extreme weather is occurring at all times of the year, disrupting normal maintenance schedules".

Candidate Beto O'Rourke took to his Twitter account to slam Governor Greg Abbott's office, saying that the Governor still cannot keep the power running in the "energy capital of the world."

He added that when he is the Governor of Texas, he will work on fixing grids while lowering energy bills and his supporters acknowledged this moment.

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