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A surge in dog poop could see New Yorkers fined $250 for allowing their pets to plague the city


A pileup of dog poop could see the Department of Sanitation fine respective pet owners $250 for not picking up after a "mess" has been made in public during walks.
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New Yorkers who own dogs are now in trouble for a spike in the number of complaints that fellow residents have been raising regarding dog excrements.

In recent weeks, residents have laid complaints pertaining to dog feces becoming a habit on Manhattan's West Side.

Jessica S. Tisch, a commissioner of the Department of Sanitation, is launching a potential move that will lead to dog owners and walkers being caught for leaving poo from their dogs unattended in public.

In a statement published in New YorkThe Post, the commissioner said:

Keeping New York City clean is a ruff job, and any dog owner who thinks they can ignore their responsibilities is barking up the wrong tree. Our enforcement agents may not collar people over this, but they won't just roll over, either – they will write tickets".

The commissioner said this plague could see dog owners fined $250 for not picking up after their dogs when they see a mess being made by their pets when they see a mess of that nature being made during walks.

The fine is due to the fact that some New York residents would reportedly not dare demean themselves by picking up their pup's poop.

Some residents throughout the city have their dogs walked by professionals, most of whom may not bother to pick up pup poop while wrangling a half-dozen dogs.

As such, an NBC report is saying that the dog walkers, as well as dog owners, may be to blame for the increase in dropped droppings.

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