Abbott says property tax reduction will be his top priority next year, Democrat nominee blames him for Texas' inflation

Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke.Brandon Bell / AFP

Texas Governor Abbott said proper property tax reduction in Texas would be a top priority for his administration when state lawmakers reconvene next year, a report from Texas Tribune has alleged.

However, Democrat nominee Beto O’Rourke is saying that the governor is to be blamed Abbott is to be blamed for the state's explosive growth in property taxes.

According to the Tax Foundation, Texas homeowners pay a higher proportion of their home's value in property taxes than most homeowners in the rest of the country.

As such, the state -- like New Hampshire, Alaska and New Jersey -- is said to be depending more on property taxes to pay for government services compared to most states.

Recently, Democrat nominee Beto O’Rourke made a public address where he received his property tax reduction plan aimed at minimizing funding allocated for the public education sector.

The democrat nominee reportedly highlighted how the income that is generated by Texas from property taxes covers 60% of the costs that are associated with public education.

However, that is not the only government service that the state's property taxes is paying for. The following are some of the things:

  • Property taxes help pay the salaries of police officers and firefighters.
  • They also assist in paying for government services like roads, libraries and parks.

One of the reasons why Texas continues to have high property tax is due to the fact that there is no "State Income Tax".

Texas lawmakers have reportedly tried a variety of methods to limit the growth of such taxes, but that is yet to yield any results.

When Governor Abbott heard of the criticizm that O'Rourke levelled against him, the governor's office slammed and accused the democrat nominee of misleading the public.

The governor's campaign communications director Mark Miner called O'Rourke a "flip-flopper," adding that he supported an El Paso property tax increase when he was on the City Council.

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