Disney contributes $5.8billion to Florida's state revenue, DeSantis is risking all of it plus almost 500k jobs - critics


Critics are saying Governor DeSantis is risking a total of $5.8 billion in Florida state tax revenue that is being contributed by Disney, along with almost 500,000 jobs in the whole tourism centre.

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Disney contributes $5.8 billion to Florida's State Tax Revenue with activities that support 463,000 jobs as seen in 2019's VisitOrlando, all of which are spread across the company's 38-mile-long empire of six theme parks, resorts, and other entities, a study by Oxford Economics has estimated.

In Florida, Disney employs over 70,000 people and operates an amusement park in Orlando, which is a popular tourist destination.

Critics say that this fight with Disney is just part of Governor Ron DeSantis’ reelection campaign to garner as many votes as possible and a foundational framework for a possible presidential run.

Others have since called out the governor on this war that could potentially hurt the state's revenue, seeing as Disney happens to be the chief economic engine of Central Florida.

Congressman Charlie Crist, a Democratic candidate for governor, said:

What is he thinking? He's going to hurt our economy. He's going to hurt tourism. The notion that he's going after all those jobs, shame on him"

Some Representatives said that the governor and his manpower are using the power of government to punish anyone who speaks out against them.

Meanwhile, Governor DeSantis has issued a fundraising letter stating that Disney had chosen to fight "the wrong guy" and asked for contributions to "fight against the Democratic machine and woke Disney executives".

Along with other Republicans, Governor DeSantis has downplayed the conflict between Florida and Disney, claiming the media and Democrats have misconstrued what it says.

This Parental Rights in Education Act legislation has been dubbed by opponents as a “Don’t Say Gay” bill and led to Disney finding itself at war with the Florida state government.

While lawmakers debated the bill, Governor DeSantis remained steadfast in his support for the legislation, which is currently awaiting his signature.

- What do you think is the end goal for this war? Do you think both parties will find common ground? Or Disney will just pull out of Florida due to this pressure? Deliberate your views in the comments. And if you think more people should read this, share it on social media.

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