As Governor Abbott eases his border control proclamation, business leaders reveal that it was destroying business


Business leaders and experts in the logistics industry have revealed that Governor Abbott's controversial border control proclamation destroyed businesses and hampered import and export commerce.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott.World Travel & Tourism / Flickr

Governor Greg Abbott's security disaster proclamation at the U.S.-Mexico border led to logistic issues and bred into a commercial disaster for both nations, to a point where business leaders complained, a report has found.

Every day, thousands of commercial vehicles are reportedly crossing the border between the United States and Mexico, with many fulfilling long-term economic deals between the two nations.

However, those who are in the logistic industry are saying the movement was tricky due to Governor Abbott's that was causing massive economy-bruising delays.

When signing the border control proclamation into power, Governor Abbott justified the measure as necessary to prevent the crossing of drugs and undocumented migrants.

Experts said that these "enhanced safety inspections" only resulted in an eight-mile truck back-up, causing major delays that have strained supply chains on both sides of the border.

Another thing that was picked up, truckers on the Mexican side of the border also protested by blocking traffic on the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge -- which happens to be the busiest commercial crossing in the Rio Grande Valley.

In January, Governor Abbott renewed this border security disaster proclamationhe signed into power in May 2021 because "the Biden administration wasn't doing its job on the border".

The Governor put this $2 billion mission in place to "stop" drugs and undocumented immigrants from crossing the Mexican border into Texas.

Governor Abbott has since eased some of the restrictions by announcing agreements with Mexican states to stop inspecting every vehicle if they can "assure security" at the border.

The easing of restrictions has, however, not eradicated the supply chain issues that have been picked up by several business entities.

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