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New Yorkers fear the Brooklyn shooting might prompt excessive gun control measures, leaving them vulnerable


The Brooklyn subway shooting has left many state residents wondering if the incident will lead to strict gun control measures, as that would make them vulnerable.
Suspect Frank James is placed by NYPD in a squad car at Ninth Precinct after being arrested for his connection to the subway mass shooting.Michael M. Santiago / AFP

Many New York residents have expressed their concerns over gun control laws following a shooting incident that left over 20 people injured on the subway in Brooklyn.

New York State has one of the strictest gun laws in the country, severely restricting people's ability to carry weapons outside their homes.

  • The New York State SAFE Act prevents criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from buying guns, cracks down on illegal guns and bans only the most dangerous assault weapons. While this is the case, the legislation includes provisions that protect and preserve law-abiding citizens' right to bear arms and does not restrict New Yorkers' ability to buy, sell, keep or use guns.

While some people are pro-guns and lean more toward relaxed gun laws, some feel this would make the situation a lot harder than it already is, following the recent Brooklyn subway shooting.

One user mentioned that guns make it easy for bad people to do terrible things and that making it harder to have access to guns is a good start.

Others mentioned that people should have the right to defend themselves from situations like those. However, another rebutted that no one would have to defend themselves if there weren't any guns.

The police say he fired at least 33 times, leaving 10 with gunshot wounds and more than a dozen others injured during this 8:30 incident.

According to authorities, the suspect -- identified as a 62-year-old Frank James -- detonated two smoke bombs on the N train in Brooklyn and then opened fire on train passengers as the train approached the 36th street station in Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighborhood.

At least 29 people were hurt in Tuesday's shooting at a subway station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Law enforcement officers arrested him in the East Village of New York on Wednesday, according to reports from CNN.

Following this incident, more than a dozen people were injured, and some were treated for smoke inhalation.

The suspect is currently detained, and the New York Police Department named James Frank as the lone suspect in this shooting incident.

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