Social Media slams the Oscars & Hollywood for 'working' on blacklisting Will Smith 'over a slap'


Social Media users across the world have slammed the Oscars and Hollywood for "working on blacklisting" Will Smith in front of the internet "over a slap" when many others were left to continue working despite "horrible crimes that they committed" over the years.
Actor, artist and celebrity mogul Will Smith holding his Oscar award.Frazer Harrison / AFP

The internet has been filled with think-pieces over what occurred between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars, during Hollywood's most prestigious night.

These views that people have been sharing reached a new point after the night of the Grammys when Louis CK. won an award after facing what people describe as "serious allegations".

A discourse then followed suit of people asking why all these major production houses and The Academy have ignored every treacherous thing that happened to other famous directors but were quick to hit a pause on every project that Will Smith is attached to.

One user took to Twitter to ask why Will Smith is getting punished for "something not really bad" and wonder if that was caused by more people having seen it or wondered whether it was race-related.

This is another thing that came up after Louis C.K. was announced as the winner of the best comedy album at the 2022 Grammy awards held on Sunday.

Back in 2017, during the early days of the #MeToo movement, at least five women made allegations against the comedian, including charges that C.K. had played with his genitals in front of them and fellow comedians.

The same year he trended for those allegations, he decided to come forward and acknowledge every accusation of sexual misconduct that was made against him.

This 2020 comedy special has Louis C.K.’s 2020 joking about those sexual misconduct revelations, a move that even had the internet fuming after the Grammy was awarded to him.

People have since claimed that sexual abusers seem to have been "given more leeway" than everyone else.

Other users pointed out the reports that have been levelled against Ezra Miller, including Amber Head's controversial case involving Johnny Depp.

The Warner Brothers on Wednesday have since put a hold on any project that has Ezra Miller. This includes The Flash (2023) movie that is currently set to release in 2023.

- Let me know your thoughts on how The Academy and Hollywood are responding to Will Smith. Do you think the punishment fits the course of action? Is Hollywood being excessive? Drop your views in the comments section. And if you think more people should read this, share it on social media.

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