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LA has an estimated number of 66,400 people that are homeless, but the new housing units will only shelter about 14k-16k


Los Angeles has an estimated number of 66,400 people that are homeless, and the new housing units that the city officials have approved will only have beds for 14,000 to 16,000 people.

Tents housing the homeless line a street beside a LA freeway in Los Angeles, California.Frederic J. Brown / AFP

The city of Los Angeles, California, has a homelessness issue that registered over 60,000 people, according to 2020's census by the LA homeless Service Authority.

The city's new housing units will reportedly only have 14 000 to 16,000 beds, according to an announcement that the City Officials made on Friday.

According to official data, as reported by the media, an estimated number of 160,000 Californians are homeless; from that number, 66,436 are from Los Angeles in 2020's census.

This number is said to have grown by more than 39% in the last five years and disproportionately affects low-income Black and Latino people.

A Bloomberg report says $3 billion will be spent over five years to house approximately 60% of the city's homeless.

If we were to do the math, around 25% of the 66,400 number from 2020 will be housed, which is approximately 16,100 people.

However, the units will reportedly be for temporary shelter for those hoping to get back on their feet, but they will also include permanent supportive housing.

City Council President Nury Martinez said these beds, which the city will make accessible for the homeless, are stated to be for those with "low acuity," which means their physical and psychological issues will not necessitate a higher level of care.

According to the city, the 60% commitment will be based on the 2022 population count, which is still in progress.

This report is expected later this spring, although the most recent count in 2020 predicted that at least 14,000 beds would be required.

The number of beds required in LA to assist the homeless is still unknown, and the city says the January point-in-time homeless census results will determine it.

Those who are not covered under the city's agreement will be the responsibility of Los Angeles County and will be referred to the county for housing and services, the city said.

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