A Facebook group has been created in support of a suspect who left three people dead after bragging about drunk driving


A Facebook group has been created to support A Pennsylvania driver who allegedly rammed and left two officials and a civilian dead after bragging about drinking under the influence on social media.

A Facebook group calling for Jayana Tanae Webb’s justice has been created after she made waves on social media for bragging about being a “good driver” when drunk, only to later allegedly leave three people dead.

The police have arrested and charged Tanae Webb for murder, driving under the influence and manslaughter of a law enforcement officer in the second degree, and other charges.

The Facebook group in support of her appears to be administered by Issac Hend, and the bio reads, “Y’all don’t know the whole story! Truth in here!”

Webb had been pulled over for drunk driving only seconds before, but authorities let her go when they were called to aid a man walking on the motorway, according to The Sun.

Officers were assisting a man walking when Webb reportedly rammed into them at high speed, killing two officials and a civilian.

There has been some “difference” in opinion online, with some people saying that the police shouldn’t have abandoned a suspected drunk driver.

Several tweets that she had made prior to the incident were trending, but many believe that the officers couldn’t have known that this would happen.

This group that has been created calling for her justice remains private, and so far, they have released no new information.

The admin of the group has reportedly not replied to any of the queries that have been sent towards him at the time of publishing this story.

- What are your thoughts on this? People say one officer should have attended the civilian while the other focused on Jayana Tanae Webb, but which call would you have made in this situation, seeing as officers always need a backup? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. And if you think more people should read this story, share it on social media.

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