'Terrible living conditions, delayed payments' - conditions facing Texas National Guard troops on Mexico border


Texas members of the National Guard on the Mexico border are reportedly living under terrible conditions on top of dealing with delayed payments that are coupled with missions that are not clear.

Army troops deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border line up to receive meals.Tamir Kalifa / AFP

Members of the National Guard in Texas stationed at the Mexico border are said to have been living under terrible conditions for months, with little being done to avert the situation.

Approximately 2 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border, troops are stationed as part of a state-sponsored border security operation with more than 10,000 soldiers assigned to it.

According to several media publications, the troops have been dealing with terrible living conditions that see cramped campsites. There are alleged cases where over a dozen soldiers could be sleeping in three-tiered bunks beds.

Not only this, but there have been delayed payments for troops, the lack of needed resources to complete assigned tasks and missions that are not clear, a report about them planning on unionizing has said.

A CNN report highlighted cramped quarters that military members found themselves in and how these led to Covid-19 outbreaks, delayed paychecks and lack of "proper equipment".

In January, a Travis County state district judge ruled that Governor Abbott's border enforcement effort violates the U.S. Constitution.

The Military Department of Texas, when asked for comment by the Network, said that they are working on resolving issues that have been "raised".

One governor hopeful who just the lost race tabled a plan to increase the already existing budget

The day before Texas primary election, Lieutenant Governor candidate Daniel Miller was advocating for harsher border security measures.

Miller tabled the already $2 billion funding to be doubled for extra preventative measures, according to a report from Yahoo Finance News.

An appropriation of $4 billion dollars to Texas' State Guard on the next approved budget of the 2023 regular session was what Miller was proposing.

Unfortunately, his run was not successful. But some people deliberated on how this idea could have helped improve the current conditions at this Mexico border.

Miller's proposal also meant that more troops would have to be added -- a plan that would have faced even more problems considering the state that current ones are already dealing with.

- It's been a month since the state said they're working on fixing those conditions, but that doesn't seem to have happened. Do you think the state is prioritising this? Do you think they allocated a small budget of $2 billion to over 10,000 soldiers? Or the money was not dispersed thoroughly? Let me know your thoughts.

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