Fox News Tucker Carlson backtracks on his comments about Putin but continues to blame everything on Biden Administration


After Russia began to attack a Ukrainian nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe, Tucker Carlson backtracked on comments of support that he had been making recently. However, he found a way to blame everything on President Joe Biden's Administration.
Fox News anchor and host Tucker Carlson.Chip Somodevilla / AFP

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has admitted that he was wrong the whole time about the way he reported the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and for insisting that the U.S. should have chosen Russia's side in this conflict.

Recently Carlson was in hot water for calling the Russian invasion of Ukraine a "humiliating defeat" for United States President Joe Biden and went as far as accusing him of poor governance.

He had continued to pounder whether sanctions might eventually lead to the collapse of Russia's leadership, leaving the nation embroiled in deadly conflicts like those in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

The comments that landed Carlson in trouble saw the Fox News anchor pointing out the United States government is weak and pompous, saying that it's not so "different from the fading old man who leads it".

During his segmented coverage, Carlson said:

Tonight, it’s fair to note the obvious: the invasion of Ukraine is a humiliating defeat for Joe Biden. He’s our leader. He staked this country’s reputation, billions of dollars, and the full force of the U.S. government on preventing Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine. Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine anyway. And America is diminished by that.”

Carlson recalled the tumultuous U.S. pullout from Afghanistan last year, alleging that Biden abandoned Americans and left weaponry for the Taliban to utilize.

He further asserted that the problem with the United States' worldwide status is that it does not "bite".

This led to massive criticism from industry peers, and the online backlash saw some democrat members slamming him.

During his apology, Carlson went on to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin for his role in invading Ukraine.

Carlson's comments about Putin also come a day after a segment from his show where he appeared to defend Putin was featured on Russian TV and news services.

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