The U.S. buys $22 million of oil from Russia while sending $350 million in military aid to Ukraine


The United States' role in the Ukraine and Russia conflict has seen the nation in the public eye for continuing to buy $22 million in Russian oil. While at the same time, sending $350 million in U.S. military aid to Ukraine, according to reports.
U.S. soldiers are seen near a military camp in Arlamow, southeastern Poland, near the border with Ukraine, on March 3, 2022.Wojtek Radwanski / AFP

According to Senator Tom Cotton's estimations, the United States transfers about $22 million to Russia each day to purchase 200,000 barrels of pure Russian crude.

This is not the only purchase that the U.S. makes, as there are other petroleum items that the nation buys from Russia, which the country is working on halting.

As such, columnists are saying that Russia is using that same money to continue the reported invasion that it has cast on Ukraine, and this goes against sanctions the strategy that Western sanctions implemented.

At the same time, one week after it was formally approved by the White House, a $350 million security aid package from the United States is being delivered to Ukraine, CNN reports.

This has subjected the U.S. and President Joe Biden's Administration to a lot of criticizm given the fact that they appear to be funding both sides of this "war".

Sending tens of millions of dollars to Russia every day provides President of Russia Vladimir Putin with a "breathing room to pursue his attempted takeover of Ukraine," Henry Olsen said in his Washington Post column.

Therefore these Western economic sanctions on Russia were reportedly aimed at depriving the country of resources that it may need to deploy its military and governmental institutions to continue doing what they are currently doing.

People have already lamented that sanctions were not going to persuade Putin's government to modify its ways due to the fact that he uses an "authoritarian" style of leadership.

A Bloomberg report says Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has seen Democrats and Republicans urging the Biden administration to ban Russian crude cargoes.

Another thing that the United States government has done is roll out packages that are subsequently supposed to be delivered to Ukraine in different phases or stages, a report from CNN showed.

About $240 million of the package has reached Ukraine, and the rest should arrive within days and maybe weeks “but not longer,” the official said on Friday.

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