Democratic lawmakers in Texas slam Governor Abbott's decision to deploy thousands of personnel to the U.S.-Mexico border


Governor Greg Abbott's decision to deploy thousands of soldiers to the U.S. and Mexico borders has been slammed by Democratic Lawmakers and criticized as a "waste of resources".
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The speed at which the Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas National Guard launched an operation of 10,000 service members has been met with criticism.

These frustrations come from the Democratic lawmakers, internally, and even from the National Guard members participating in the mission.

CNN alleges that multiple members of Operation Lone Star informed them of lengthy days with little to accomplish, inadequate planning, and a lack of mission.

The Network quoted one soldier saying:

As military, people know the term hurry up and wait. This is just the biggest hurry up and wait I was a part of, and there's really no set, 'hey, we're doing this, or hey, go out and do this.' It's just, we're sitting around doing nothing."

Texas Governor Abbott has been passionate about immigration policies, border control and laws on foreign nations for a long time.

Last month, the governor renewed the border security disaster proclamation he signed into power in May 2021.

In his statement, Governor Abbott said there had been a surge of a large number of people illegally crossing the Texas-Mexico border and added that this posed an "ongoing and imminent threat of disaster for a number of Texas counties."

A CNN report highlighted cramped quarters that military members found themselves in and how these led to Covid-19 outbreaks, delayed paychecks and lack of "proper equipment".

In January, a Travis County state district judge ruled that Governor Abbott's border enforcement effort violates the U.S. Constitution.

The Military Department of Texas, when asked for comment by the Network, said that they are working on resolving issues that have been "raised".

- What are your thoughts on this? Governor Abbott's immigration laws reportedly cost the state too many resources; should this operation be slashed in half? Does the state even need those many soldiers on their border posts? Let me know your views in the comments, and if you think more people should read this story, share it on social media.

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