The Biden Administration is mailing you a free Covid test, with over 500 million tests set for dispensation to Americans


The Biden Administration will be mailing Americans 500 million free Covid-19 tests, a move that has been described by health experts as "little too late" given that the tests were in demand during the early stages of the Omicron wave.
The Binax home Covid-19 testing kits in a collection of boxes being carried in a bag.BRYAN R SMITH / AFP

President Joe Biden has tasked his administration to send Americans Covid-19 tests, with 500 million units of products said to be dispersed through the new mail programme.

This move by the White House has been met with harsh criticism from health experts, who many have mentioned that the delivery of these tests came too late, as the tests were much more needed during the early days of the Omicron variant.

On December 22, 2021, President Biden promised Americans he is making 500 million coronavirus tests available free of charge, in a report published by the New York Times.

However, this supposed "help" that Americans waited for was at least weeks away — if not longer — for anxious Americans who were facing a surge of new virus cases.

Despite knowing from day one that South Africa had the Omicron variant, the White House acknowledged that this novel coronavirus iteration caught them off guard.

However, the nation closed borders early, like many Western countries, to Southern African countries, but this did not stop the Omicron variant from emerging strongly across the United States.

As such, the government's ability to make more tests available was becoming more of a hassle -- thus, the 500 million tests project was born, which he later committed to in a tweet in January.

With this in mind, there were a few concerns that locals had with these tests:

  • President Biden's administration was yet to sign a contract to buy the tests when the announcement was first made.
  • What makes things worse is that the website to order them was not planned to go up until January.
  • Officials did not release a total number of tests each person will be able to order or how quickly the shipping will be.

This then prompted manufacturers to work as fast as possible to produce them and make sure that they are available as soon as January hits.

The Biden Administration successfully did this, as many Americans took to the internet to share how satisfied they were with the delivery process.

One user shared in the comments section of a New York Times of how the test took less than three days to arrive in his mailbox and deliberated about the federal government's super-efficient work.

- Did you order and receive your Covid test? How quick was the process? Was it a little too late? Please share your views in the comments, and if you think more people should read this story, share it on social media.

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