Texas and its controversial immigrant eradication measures using state law enforcement lead to a brawl


Texas has come under the spotlight for their immigration policy on foreign nationals and how it is being implemented. There are also several issues that have been raised about the way the state is defying Constitution rules.

Shipping containers line the area near the Rio Grande river on Eagle Pass, in Texas.Sergio Flores / AFP

The state of Texas is reportedly using state law enforcement in an 'unusual way' in an attempt to stem illegal border crossings, a premium report from the New York Times says.

This is allegedly raising constitutional concerns among high profile in the justice, as this is also hampering the transformation of lives of the immigrants across the state.

A San Antonio Democratic Representative, Joaquin Castro, mentioned that he asked for a federal investigation into the matter after sending a full letter with grievances to the Justice Department.

Adding on this programme, Castro said:

This programme is wreaking havoc on Texas' judicial system and has directly led to a violation of state laws and constitutional due process rights."

A report by a publication called The Texas Tribune has revealed a scathing report on migrants accused of trespassing Texas's borders.

This report mentioned that hundreds of migrants accused of trespassing are imprisoned for months before they can even enter a plea.

The arrest can mean only one thing, all these migrants are charged with trespassing under Governor Greg Abbott's ongoing "catch and jail" initiative.

This border security initiative by Governor Abbott has left a lot of migrants in a state of uncertainty as many have been waiting months for their first chance to appear before a judge.

One user took to Twitter to create a thread that is alluding to the events and referencing many media reports on this issue that Texas is dealing with pertaining to foreign nationals.

The user also alleged that Governor Abbott is creating the illusion of a border crisis across the state of Texas when in reality, a lot of constitutional efforts are being slowed purposefully.

This limit to the ability of migrants to enter the country legally and apply for asylum has been described by the New York Times as going against the Constitution.

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