CNN's editorial 'slip up' slammed by some Republicans for downplaying Jussie Smollett's guilty verdict


A few influential Republican leaders have criticized CNN for understating Jussie Smollett's charges on a headline of one of their stories that went viral on Twitter late on Thursday.
CNN's initial homepage live update breaking on Jussie Smollet's verdict.CNN

The major news broadcaster CNN experienced the wrath of a few Republican leaders for the way they phrased headlines of one of their stories where they broke the news of Jussie Smollett's verdict.

Smollett was convicted on Thursday for staging a racist, homophobic attack in downtown Chicago and then lying to the police about it back in 2019.

The headline from CNN said Smollett had been found guilty on "some charges," and the phrasing of the words "some charges" caused a major uproar.

CNN breaking the news of the verdict like that caused a major uproar considering that Smollett was found guilty by the jury on 'five' of the six charges.

The jury found the Empire star guilty on the first five counts and not guilty on charge number 6, which was the aggravated battery, wearing a hood or mask to conceal his identity.

This guilty verdict comes after a long week of trial, coupled with witness testimonies, counsel argument and major deliberations.

The fact that Smollett was guilty of these significant crimes is the sole reason why Republican Strategist Logan Dobson and a few others took to Twitter to opine on the matter.

One user said that CNN was constantly pushing the boundaries of "incredulity" and having a hard time believing that Smollett had been found guilty.

The headline has since been updated to "Jussie Smollett found guilty of falsely reporting a hate crime", following this public outrage.

The media house CNN has not issued any statement following this Twitter fiasco that the broadcaster received due to their editorial slip up.

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