Journalist slams the public for bullying Hulu into removing the Astroworld docu, saying it would've answered questions


A journalist has spoken out about the backlash that Hulu received for airing the Astroworld documentary, saying that the documentary would have answered questions that the public has on how the deaths happened.
Astroworld: Concert from Hell compositesHulu / ABC13/KTRK-TV

Alexis Johnson, a correspondent from Vice News, spoke out on Hulu pulling the Astroworld: Concert from Hell documentary from streaming due to the public backlash.

Hulu's backlash was reportedly too hard, and the network was called insensitive for airing the documentary. The network has since pulled this from the air.

Quoting a Variety tweet, Johnson highlighted the importance of media literacy, and in many ways pointing out that hard work went into gathering facts about the tragedy.

One Twitter user Chelsea Stone said that this news report from Hulu would have shown how culpable Travis Scott is on the Astroworld tragedy.

Other people added that since the public had questions about how these deaths could have happened, this documentary was going to expose the promoters and organizers.

Following the backlash, Hulu then released a statement via Variety clearing the air on why they had aired the documentary in the first place.

In a quoted statement from Variety, the network said:

This was an investigative local news special from ABC13/KTRK-TV in Houston that aired on November 20. This was not a Hulu docúmentary and has since been removed to avoid confusion".

What the company thought would have led to good storytelling seemingly generated massive backlash from social media.

Not only was the production company and Hulu called insensitive, but they were also dragged for using a painful tragedy like that to profit from it.

Families are also still mourning the passing of their loved ones, which is why many people voiced their views on Hulu airing the documentary.

Massive legal issues are happening behind the scenes, which would have reportedly also jeopardized the investigation and complicated cases.

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