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Denver residents concerned as 232+ days go by without snow, forcing locals to find ways that'll make the process faster


Residents of Denver, Colorado, have been left concerned due to no sign of snow this winter, marking over 200 hundred days since the area last experienced flakes.
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Denver has not experienced any snow in over 230 days due to snarky weather and climate conditions, according to local meteorologists.

These drought weather conditions in the American West seem to be the cause behind the city's snow being delayed.

One media correspondent Cal Presley from NBC News mentioned that this is not only about a weather issue or a water supply problem, saying it's a climate story.

He highlighted that the current low water supply mainly was hampering the climate issues that the town has been experiencing later.

According to Mike Eytel, a senior water resource specialist, a new form of weather modification called "cloud seeding" is being tested out to help bolster the water supply.

This is said to help improve the cloud's ability to snow or rain, and as it turns out, every drop that the residents will receive will be helpful in any shape or form.

The situation of Denver not having any snow in sight this winter has left some locals freaking out as something like this has never happened before.

A report from the New York Times says this unusually warm and dry start of the winter season has left sports enthusiasts also feeling let down.

As artificial snow continues to be tested out, winter storms that have are being predicted to come are hoped to be somehow helpful in changing these situations.

- Additional sourcing from Denver7, New York Times & MSNBC.

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