Companies in Texas defy Governor Greg Abbott's executive order prohibiting employer-mandated vaccines


Companies across the state of Texas have reportedly defied Governor Greg Abbott's executive order that was aimed at prohibiting employer-mandated vaccines.

More companies in Texas have allegedly ignored Governor Greg Abbott's orders against Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

This seems to have been done by numerous companies in the private second, due to fears of a new wave of infections returning.

The governor recently signed an executive order that will officially prohibit state entities and private companies across Texas from mandating Covid-19 vaccinations.

This controversial move from Governor Abbott reportedly came just as soon as the FDA, the CDC, approved the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine not only for adults but also for children.

The Texas Tribune reported that this move appeared to have been vastly motivated by President Joe Biden's speech in September.

President Biden formerly suggested to companies that they should mandate vaccines if they have more than 100 workers, as per AP's report.

Not only this, but the president also proposed the policy of how all federal employees should be legally obliged to take the vaccine.

Mandating Covid vaccines came as a suggestion from President Joe Biden, who also seem to have told business owners to weekly test their workers who refuse to get the Covid shot.

All these tests are obviously paid for by the employee from their pocket, and the state is not liable for any costs incurred.

The president said he hoped this would get the employees to finally give up their fight against vaccines and decide to get the Covid shot.

- Additional sourcing from AP, JD Supra & The Texas Tribune.

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