Overflowing hospitals led to Texas spending $7 billion in federal funding to mitigate the spread of Covid-19


The pressure that hospitals across Texas were under according to a report from ABC News, led to massive spending of $7 billion in federal money to assist the state's health care system in managing the novel coronavirus.

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Texas has reportedly spent about $7 billion of federal pandemic money for temporary nurses, respiratory therapists and some doctors to maintain operations at hospitals, according to a report from a publication in Dallas.

The report also highlights how this federal money was used to run temporary Covid-19 hospitals at nursing homes and convention sites to help hospitals avoid an overflow of patients.

All of this reportedly happened during the first, second and third wave of Covid-19 hospital admission, especially during the last two waves.

People who have been critical of Governor Greg Abbott's management system of the novel coronavirus as reported by CNN, say that more costs could have been avoided.

They mention how the governor opted to use hospital staffing support instead of implementing masks and vaccine mandates, which would have been less expensive.

Now that the state is considering wrapping up the extra medical care erected across the state to help mitigate the spread of the virus, there are concerns about this move being premature.

The Texas Department of State Health Services spokesperson Chris Van Deusen in the Dallas Newspaper mentioned that he already alerted some vendors who provided the state hospitals with temporary caregivers during the past three waves.

He commented, saying that the state plans to eradicate some of the Covid-19 health sites in most parts of the state over the month of December.

This is due to the fact that a vast number of public health officials across the entire state are worrying that there could be a spike in infections during the festive season.

Many residents of Texas have been dining from Thanksgiving indoors with no masks and will continue to do so during December.

The unvaccinated state residents continue to raise concerns that they might create a spike in either seasonal flu or any of the Covid-19 variants that are yet to hit the state.

- Additional sourcing from The Dallas Morning News.

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