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In Case You Missed It: Travis Scott's attorneys were upset about comments made by the Chief of Houston Police Department


One of the vital counterattack points that people could have missed was Travis Scott's lawyers being upset over comments that were made by the Chief of Police in Houston, Texas.

Chief of Police Troy Finner from Houston Police Department in Texas.Alex Bierens de Haan / AFP

The Chief of the Houston Police Department held a briefing during the early days of the Astroworld Music Festival events, where they gave an updated briefing.

During this briefing, the cops could be seen giving mixed and confusing information that came off as if they were not entirely truthfully in their stance on the whole matter.

According to Scott's legal team, the police department seems to throw shots, play the blame game, and point fingers at the parties responsible.

This is the full briefing from Houston Chief of Police Troy Dinner:

People said that this looked like the police were trying to shift blame and pretend like they did everything in their power to stop the event.

This basically means the police worked hard in averting the situation. However, people from Astroworld Music Festival gave CBS a video showing police close to the performance.

The video shows police near the stage where Scott was performing, at around 22:00, showing the police seemingly unaware of the severity of the crowd.

The CBS video points out that this was at least 20 minutes after the casualty had been reported, meaning that there was no way performers would know of the mosh pits.

Deadline reported that the Houston Chief of Police said his team told the Astroworld personnel to "shut down the concert", yet saying they did not have the ultimate authority to end the show.

What is scary about this and not genuine is that the police can shut down any event if they deem it hazardous, as they have the legal authority to do so.

Chief Finner began by saying that, out of respect for victims' families, he would not be litigating the case in the press, as reported by Deadline.

As of now, it remains unclear if the Houston police will also be included in some of the massive lawsuits, as a large majority of the parties involved are yet to acknowledge the suits.

- The story has since been developed. Additional sourcing from Deadline.

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