Texas residents want anyone under age of 16 to be banned from attending music concerts following Astroworld events


A large majority of residents across Texas want Governor Greg Abbott to review and limit age restrictions for all concerts attendees across the state.

Astroworld 2021 Music festival at NRG Park.Rick Kern / Gallo Images

Age restriction is one of the biggest recommendations that the community of Texas has requested following the launch of the new Concert Task Force.

Governor Greg Abbott said that he will be forming a Concert Safety Task Force to assure parents that events of Astroworld do not happen again. 

A publication called The Hill reported that 'The Group' for the task force will be led by Texas Music Office Director Brendon Anthony.

The governor highlighted that they will convene state agencies, music industry representatives, law enforcement to produce a report on suggestions for how to keep concerts safe for attendees and others present.

One key element that seems to be missing from the policy is the age requirement for all event attendees across the state, which appears not to have been prioritized.

One online user, Alexia Rodriguez, on a YouTube video, added that the state does not need age restrictions, but if there were to be restrictions, then it should be 16 +.

Rodriguez added that 9-year-olds should be banned at concerts. This is after a 10-year-old, who was initially reported as being 9-years old, was fatally wounded from the event.

A few users added that in cases where the event is targeted at young adults, then a legal guardian or one parent should accompany the child.

The user added that proper identification should also be used to verify the age of all attendees as a way to mitigate children's obsession with party life.

The Doctor's segmented show compiled a polled take that took a deep dive into whether concerts should allow kids to attend. 

This is after they highlighted that the Houston-based Astroworld concert had no age restrictions, and young children were allowed to attend. 

Psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major said:

How do you know a child is a Travis fan? How can a child fully understand the depths of the culture of being a fan of Travis Scott? It is okay for you as a parent to tell your kid 'no' to concerts in order to keep them safe. "

Many people, especially host Dr. Andrew Ordon, pointed out that it is unbelievable that a parent could put a child's life in harm's way like that.

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