Governor Greg Abbott mum over a petition to ban Travis Scott from performing in Texas ever again


Texas Governor Greg Abbott has not commented anything on a petition that went up, asking for the governor to ban Travis Scott from performing across the state for the foreseeable future.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott.Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Governor Greg Abbott has remained silent at the resident of Texas sirening calls, requesting him to ban Travis Scott from having any performances in the future across the entire state.

This call comes after the events of the Astroworld Music concert left ten people dead and almost 300 more injured, as per media reports.

The plea was made by people all over social media. However, Samantha Moore is listed as the initial creator of this petition.

One of the key people that Samantha hoped to see and acknowledge the petition was the governor himself and Senator Ted Cruz.

So far, at least 5,437 people have signed a petition, many of which jumped onto the platform following the previous article that reported on this.

It is alleged that Governor Abbott's office has seen the petition, but no word has been said nor any acknowledgement.

The governor's office seemingly remains unclear on the Astroworld developments, but they mostly want the law enforcement to do their job thoroughly.

One unnamed columnist said Governor Abbott's office was firstly waiting to see the outcome of the investigation before deliberating on the way forward.

The columnist also added that it is impossible for the governor to completely ban someone who is a product of the state (born and bred), despite having disorderly behavior.

Travis Scott, whose real name is Jacques Berman Webster II, was born and bred in Austin, Texas, and the residents of his own town want him never to perform there.

The rapper is, so far, cooperating well with the legal teams that are filing lawsuits against him and his party and have said in the media that they will work well with them.

Scott's legal team has also not revealed any of their rebuttal strategies to the lawsuits that the artist is facing, and the parties involved are also still lying low.

- This is a developing story.

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