Kyle Green, who was left paralyzed at a Travis Scott concert in 2017, speaks out on the Astroworld tragedy.


The then 23-year-old Kyle Green, who was paralyzed after attending a Travis Scott concert in 2017, has spoken out about the Astroworld Music Festival events.
Kyle Green who got massively injured at a Travis concert.Supplied

Kyle Green was a 23-year-old in 2017 when he attended Travis Scott's concert in New York, which left him paralyzed that night, according to a report from Fox News.

The event reportedly took place on the 30th of April, back in 2017, at the New York City's Terminal 5, where Scott held a concert.

One thing that Green is reportedly claiming is that Scott encouraged the already packed audience to get close to the stage and even jump from balconies.

Green's attorney Howard Hershenhorn told Fox News in an interview that Kyle was upset and saddened by this horrible human tragedy.

The lawyer was referring to the Astroworld event that left 10 people fatally injured and at least 300 more injured according to media reports.

Green's attorney added:

He was even angry because this all could've been prevented if Travis Scott had learned his lessons from the past, which unfortunately he did not. And so, the sadness has been mixed with a great deal of anger because Kyle is fully familiar with Travis' past escapades. Travis could have avoided this senseless tragedy."

Hershenhorn strongly highlighted that this tragedy from 2017 led to attendees forcing their way toward the front.

The pushing is said to have turned out worse due to the mosh pit that happened that day, but it turns out that no fatalities were reported.

The New York Personal Injury Attorney's blog shared that a video that has since been deleted from Twitter had Scott encouraging a different fan to drop down from the second-floor balcony into the crowd below.

Green's team shared that he was forced over the edge of the higher railing by the surging crowd during those chaotic moments.

This, unfortunately, led to him being pushed from the third-floor balcony, and he fell and hit the floor and was left paralyzed due to this incident.

Today he uses a wheelchair and lives with his parents, but he remains thankful that he did not lose his life that day.

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