Alisha Marie & MissRemiAshton reflect on their past experiences at a Travis show, saying that this was bound to happen


Two of some of the nation's biggest Influencers have reflected on their past experiences on a Travis Scott show, and one of the biggest things they mentioned was that the Astroworld events were bound to happen.
Alisha Marie and Remi Cruiz deliberating on the Astroworld events on their podcast.Pretty Basic Podcast / YouTube

Alisha Marie is an influencer, content creator, entrepreneur and easily the most talented YouTuber on the internet. Remi Cruiz is a talented content creator, a multifaceted influencer that has her own cooking show.

Both these creators share a podcast called "Pretty Basic", and on the episode released on November 9, 2021, with the video format going live on November 10, 2021, the touched on the event incident.

They included a pop culture feature on the episode where they delved into the events of the Astrowrold music festival, re-capping what had occurred.

Remi Cruiz started the topic where she highlighted that she cannot go on TikTok and not escape what happened and empathized with the family of the victims.

  • LISTEN to the full segment from 15:31 to 25:24.

Both her and Alisha reminisced about how they once attended a Travis Scott performance and mentioned how intense things the experience was for them.

They both thanked the fact that they were standing at this one particular event, thus giving them movement control and how best to be mindful of their surroundings should things get too much for them.

The two acknowledged what the media shared already about Scott's past behavior of encouraging disorderly conduct from his fans at his shows.

They then mentioned that this was inevitable and touched on how much could have been avoided had the security aspect of the event been taken seriously.

  • Watch the full segment from 18:50 up to 28:39 on their podcast here:

The most important thing they mentioned was the fact that they do not believe that Scott was aware that fatalities were being reported in the crowd - and had he been aware, he would have stopped the show.

This is one of the things that Kylie Jenner shared on her Instagram stories, where she mentioned that they only became aware of the casualties when the media reported on it.

With empathy, the two creators offered their condolences to the families affected and mentioned that this is going to impact Scott's career in a massive way moving forward.

- This article was written based off of personal experiences that Alisha Marie and MissRemiAshton shared about the events of the Astroworld Music Festival.

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